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Full Circle Physio is the creator of the A.C.E Workplace Injury program. This platform has been used throughout companies and facilities to assess, correct and eliminate work place injury. A.C.E provides not only on site treatment but an analysis of the functionality of the workplace. We will conduct a thorough observation walkthrough and complete a report with guidelines on how to improve to prevent injuries before they happen. Our goal is to decrease absense in the work force.

Risks and reality of workplace injury

In Canada alone there is 20 billion dollars spent yearly on disability, through wages and medical care for workers hurt on the job. Workplace safety indexes have determined that the leading cause of workplace injuries are; over exertion, excessive lifting, pushing/pulling, holding/carrying of an object or load. Our platform gets injured workers returned to there position. Implementation of our preventive guidelines will work to change the face of the workplace culture.

Our services

A.C.E platform offers the services of registered physiotherapists, chiropractors, physicians, massage therapists, ergonomic analysts and workplace consultants. With the experience of doctors and former trades workers, we are the bridge between the medical and industrial world's. Our services include on site treatment, shockwave therapy, educational sessions, pre hire screening, functional abilities evaluations, physical demands analysis and most importantly an assessment of the work site.


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